You can buy our wines, syrups and jams / jam at any time in our outlet in Viecha Sv. Urbana at the parking lot of Devín Castle. More information here


You can also use our e-shop For orders over 30 eur we´ll provide FREE DELIVERY within Bratislava and Stupava. Enter the e-shop

Wine shops and restaurants

In the center of Bratislava you can find our products in the cafe F. X. Messerschmidt na Námestí SNP

You can find our wines in many wine shops and restaurants, e.g. in Petržalka in the well-known Wineshop at Lachova 39 (near Námestie hraničiarov).


We have a long-term cooperation with sellers of regional and farm products, in the Bratislava region these are mainly KAUFLAND stores (Bratislava 8 times, Malacky, Pezinok).