The history of popular fruit wine is much older than one century, but we still commemorate this anniversary. One hundred years ago, a businessman from Devín, Alois Sonntag, started professional production and distribution and thus contributed to the fame of this noble drink.

That nobility must be emphasized - the currant wine once had a reputation as an inferior wine, which it acquired completely unfairly.

Similarly, there are cheap grape and other fruit wines of poor quality and dubious reputation.

At the same time, in case of Devin currant wine, it´s one of the most important and beautiful gastronomic stories in our region, and in this respect it can proudly stand next to Zvolen bryndza, Zázrivské korbáčiky (traditional cheese), Skalický trdelník (traditional sweet pastry), Tokaj wine, Spiš sausages or Bratislavské rožky (traditional sweet pastry).

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